Raw results: Undertaker & Kane honor Paul Bearer, and CM Punk makes his most despicable move yet

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March 11, 2013

WWE Tag Team Champion Kane def. CM Punk


Hell hath no fury like The Devil’s Favorite Demon, as CM Punk learned to his great detriment following The Straight Edge Superstar’s insult to the memory of Kane’s father, Paul Bearer. Cradling Bearer’s precious urn in his hands, Kane seemed more solemn than usual at the bout’s beginning, but mourning gave way to unbridled rage when Punk hit the WWE Tag Team Champion with a cheap shot to start their No Disqualification Match.

The two Superstars took advantage of the bout’s stipulation, with Kane slamming Punk against the barricades and The Straight Edge Superstar retaliating by clobbering the demon with the ring bell. The ferocity only escalated when the action moved to the ring, and Kane’s aggression (helped by a steel chair) seemed to gain him the upper hand before Punk commandeered the chair and swung the momentum back his way. A little brotherly love goes a long way, though, and the thundering of The Undertaker’s gong distracted Punk long enough for Kane to strike with the Chokeslam, sending the former WWE Champion to hell in his father’s name.

The Phenom himself materialized after the pinfall had been counted, but as The Brothers of Destruction knelt in unison for one final tribute to The Father of Destruction, The Straight Edge Superstar seized Paul Bearer’s precious urn and struck Kane from behind. Punk battered The Big Red Monster into submission with the urn, fleeing from the ring when The Phenom made his way to retaliate. Once Punk was at a safe distance, the former WWE Champion placed the ill-gotten talisman to his lips and knelt atop the stage in a mockery of The Undertaker’s signature salute. While Punk preened atop the ramp, The Phenom stewed with rage between the ropes, his omnipotence and rage matched only by his powerlessness against the maiming of his brother and the desecration of the urn — as well as the man — he once held most precious.

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