Kiss and Tell: AJ Lee rates her WWE lip-locks

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February 14, 2013

Daniel Bryan

It seems like a lifetime ago that AJ Lee first gained notice as arm candy to then–World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan. Truth be told, the AJ we know today was forged from the fires of that train-wreck relationship. What began as a heartwarming romance between a world-beating underdog and the one woman who believed in him turned sour fast; emboldened by the championship, Bryan became a legend in his own mind and turned AJ into his lap dog. Before long, she took up the role of human shield and, eventually, a submissive trophy gal who would parrot Bryan’s self-proclaimed status as a true champion and the world’s greatest lover.

It was Bryan’s dismissal of AJ following the catastrophe that cost him the World Heavyweight Title at WrestleMania XXVIII (Bryan was felled by a Sheamus Brogue Kick in 18 seconds after he made a show of stealing a “good luck kiss” from AJ on the apron) that kick-started the brazen independent streak that has come to define her. Despite her utter devotion to Bryan at the time, AJ understandably looks back on kissing her former fiancé through a less-than-rose-tinted window.

“Daniel Bryan has … kissing him was like … he kissed as if he had a grotesque beard at the time, and he didn’t,” AJ grimly told “It felt and tasted like that, but there was no beard. He was clean-shaven.”

The thing that really haunts AJ, though, was being one “I do” away from becoming Mrs. Daniel Bryan at Raw 1,000. “I almost married that,” she said in disbelief. “I almost married that beard. That could have been my beard for life, which is something I wake up in a cold sweat thinking about. Often.”

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