Raw results: Santa Claus helps John Cena pull off Miracle on 34th Street Fight win on Christmas Eve edition of Raw

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December 24, 2012

John Cena def. Alberto Del Rio (Miracle on 34th Street Fight)


At the start of the main event, Alberto Del Rio tried to clear the air by claiming hitting Santa Claus with his car earlier in the night was just an accident and he wasn’t trying to hurt him. With thoughts of an injured Santa dancing in his head, John Cena brought the fight to Del Rio in a bout where anything goes and there are no disqualifications.

Taking advantage of the Miracle on 34th Street Fight rules, Cena started by blasting Del Rio with a steel chair. The Mexican Aristocrat battled back and took a gift-wrapped pumpkin pie from Ricardo Rodriguez as a weapon. Unfortunately for the ring announcer, Del Rio connected with him rather than Cena, leaving him a sticky, orange mess!Alberto Del Rio

As the fight continued on the entrance ramp and stage, Cena unwrapped a TV monitor and used it to bash Del Rio in the head. When Rodriguez confronted Cena, Del Rio capitalized on the distraction, kicking Cena in the back and unloading with a series of punches while Cena was down.

With Cena still dazed, Rodriguez handed Del Rio a wrapped gift to use as a potential weapon. To Del Rio’s dismay, the gift turned out to be a harmless teddy bear! After throwing the bear at Cena, he countered by slamming Del Rio into the LED screen at the top of the ramp. Then in a hilarious moment, Cena laid a Christmas wreath around Rodriguez’s neck and smashed the hapless ring announcer over the head with a gift box!

Santa ClausAs the competitors battled their way back toward the ring, Cena slammed Del Rio into ring barricade. With his foe down, the Cenation leader went back to the stage to search through the gifts for another weapon. At the WWE Universes’ prompting, he opted for the Christmas tree, which he used to charge toward Del Rio and smash him to the arena floor. With The Mexican Aristocrat down and writhing in pain, Cena unwrapped a bowling ball and rolled it into Del Rio, leaving him in agony.

For his final assault, the 2012 Slammy Award winner for Superstar of the Year unwrapped a fire extinguisher and blasted Del Rio with a blinding cloud of white powder. With Del Rio dazed, Rodriguez charged into the ring and locked Cena in a sleeper hold! With the Cenation leader in trouble, Santa emerged to the delight of the WWE Universe! When a jovial Rodriguez released his hold and approached Jolly St. Nick, Santa bashed him with his bag of toys!John Cena

Then in an epic move, Santa used one of his stockings to hit Del Rio with a “Santa Socko.” With Del Rio still reeling, Cena hit him with a blistering Attitude Adjustment for the win!

WWE Hall of Famer Jerry “The King” Lawler closed out the holiday extravaganza with a message for the entire WWE Universe: “Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.”


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