10 Superstars to watch out for in 2013

Antonio Cesaro

They call Rey Mysterio the “Human Highlight Reel,” but the reigning United States Champion has been making a strong case for himself as heir apparent to that title, racking up a sizzle reel’s worth of OMG moments thanks to his Herculean strength and no-nonsense style of competition. A chiseled, striking type when he first arrived in WWE this past spring as Aksana’s arm candy, Antonio Cesaro quickly refashioned himself into a brutally efficient wrestling powerhouse upon capturing the U.S. Title from Santino Marella. Since then, The Swiss Superman has unveiled one bone-rattling maneuver after another, from his earthshaking Neutralizer to his dreaded Very European Uppercut, where Cesaro tosses his opponents skyward and cuts them off mid-descent with a brick-like elbow to the face. Oh, we forgot to mention he speaks five languages, which is appropriate since we think his potential knows no borders, and his talent has no ceiling.