10 Superstars to watch out for in 2013

Team Rhodes Scholars

The only thing on par with the I.Q. of this smarmy twosome is their wrestling abilities. The veteran-newcomer tandem of Cody Rhodes & Damien Sandow wasn’t one that anyone really saw coming. However, after the former Intercontinental Champion united alongside “The Duke of Decency” in a bid for the WWE Tag Team Championships, the entire division was immediately put on notice. Rhodes hasn’t lost a step despite having surrendered his coveted Intercontinental Title last spring, and Sandow has proven in a pair of slugfests with Sheamus that his cultivated demeanor is mere window dressing for a primal ferocity in the ring. If there’s any reason more Superstars haven’t fallen victim to Team Rhodes Scholars, it’s that the two have zeroed in on Team Hell No’s Tag Titles with laser-like precision. If they ever do manage to pry the titles away from Kane & Daniel Bryan, though, we’re sure that will change very, very quickly.

And yes, they both have great facial hair. This is also important. At least, they think so.