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December 03, 2012

John Cena & Sheamus def. World Heavyweight Champion Big Show & Dolph Ziggler


There are big tag team matches, and then there are big tag team matches. It's fair to say the marquee tag contest that unfolded in Greensboro fell in the latter category when John Cena & Sheamus joined forces against the formidable duo of Dolph Ziggler & World Heavyweight Champion Big Show.

Stemming from their four-way brawl last Friday on SmackDown, the Superstars picked right up where they left off and didn't hold back from the get-go. Sheamus and Ziggler started the contest off, with The Celtic Warrior unleashing a barrage of shoulders and kicks, and Ziggler using his agility to counter and create breathing room. Cena tagged in quickly, though, and locked The Showoff up in a headlock to continue his budding rivalry with Mr. Money in the Bank. 

After a brief reversal, Cena began to mount momentum against The Showoff, sending Ziggler airborne with a series of hiptosses until Ziggler countered and summoned Big Show from his post on the apron. Given his history with Cena, the giant was all too happy to oblige his partner.

Cena attempted to take Big Show down with his flying shoulderblocks, but he might as well have been trying to take down a brick wall. Show withstood Cena's attacks without so much as a flinch and proceeded to manhandle the 10-time WWE Champion, scoring a near-fall after Cena's attempt at a powerslam went sour.

The Showoff tagged back in with Cena down and laced into his opponent's prone torso with a barrage of elbows, but the Cenation leader was able to dodge Ziggler's flying forearm and tag in a fresh Sheamus from the corner. Ziggler reached Big Show at the same time, and what unfolded next was something out of a 1950s monster movie.

Sheamus rampaged into the match with untamed fury, felling Big Show with power strikes and even knocking the giant off his feet. The World's Largest Athlete retaliated quickly, though, cutting the battering ram off mid-leap with a spear. After tenderizing The Celtic Warrior, Show called for Ziggler, and The Showoff went to work against Sheamus, looking to put The Celtic Warrior away with a headlock. Sheamus replied with an Irish Curse and, sensing the time was right, called Cena back in from the corner.

Cena's onslaught was swift and merciless, unleashing a wave of offense before hoisting Ziggler up for the Attitude Adjustment. Before Cena could put Ziggler away, Big Show broke up the maneuver by kicking the Cenation leader in his injured knee. Sheamus stormed back at this sign of trouble, heaving Big Show up for White Noise while Cena caught Ziggler again and executed the AA, scoring the deciding pinfall on Mr. Money in the Bank to bring the epic contest to an end.

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