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December 03, 2012

U.S. Champion Antonio Cesaro def. Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston, Wade Barrett and R-Truth in a Fatal 4-Way RAWactive Match


We're baffled. We're stupefied. We're stunned and almost literally at a loss for words. On a Raw where career trajectories were potentially altered, something came to pass that we never thought we'd ever see on WWE programming:

Teddy Long unmade a tag team match.

Wipe your tears away, though, WWE Universe: the indomitable Teddy actually had something much more formidable on his mind than a simple two-on-two contest when he took what was set to be a high-octane bout between Kofi Kingston & R-Truth and Antonio Cesaro & Wade Barrett and turned it into a RAWactive Fatal 4-Way. The stipulation up for vote? Whether Kofi's Intercontinental Title or Cesaro's U.S. Title would be on the line.

Despite the unconventional circumstances, Teddy's instincts were on the money: The U.S. Title won in a landslide, and what unfolded was a fast, furious Fatal 4-Way that saw the four current and former champions take each other to the brink in pursuit of the esteemed title.

The biggest drama came toward the beginning of the contest, when Kofi and Truth, former Tag Team Champions, found themselves facing off one-on-one. The two kept it sportsmanlike, but Kofi seemed as though he'd gotten the best of his old buddy before Barrett and Cesaro re-entered the contest. It didn't take too long for the bout to spill to the outside, but Cesaro stayed strong when he decked Kofi with the very European uppercut when The Boom Squad General went for a flying attack off the steel steps.

Cesaro continued his manhandling of the Intercontinental Champion, spinning Kofi around by his leg before attempting a submission maneuver that Truth had to break up to prevent a tapout. Truth barely had a chance to mount an offensive attack against Cesaro before Barrett interrupted, sending Truth flying and exchanging thunderous blows with his fellow European brawler.

Kofi re-entered the fray next, nearly pinning Cesaro until Barrett broke up the count, slamming Kofi with the Winds of Change and attempting the deciding pinfall. Truth stormed in, though, stopping the pin and removing Barrett from the match before soon finding himself at the mercy of Cesaro. Kofi came to the rescue, though, planting both Barrett and Truth.

Cesaro was next to rejoin the fracas, hitting Kofi with the Alpamare Waterslide before Truth sent him tumbling over the ropes. With Kofi and Barrett alone in the ring, The Boom Squad General took the fight to his European rival. But before Kofi could unleash Trouble in Paradise, Cesaro and Truth stormed back. Barrett acted quickly, felling Truth with the Bull Hammer elbow, falling moments later to Trouble in Paradise. But while Kofi made the cover, Cesaro unleashed his trademark strength, lifting Kofi off Barrett's prone body, wrenching him into the Neutralizer and driving the champion down to retain his Stars-and-Stripes title.

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