Are long title reigns cursed?

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December 07, 2012

On one hand, it’s tough to say a long-reign curse is a concrete certainty, given the silver linings of all the prior instances. For one, Batista is still the longest-reigning World Heavyweight Champion in the title’s 10-year history. Cena’s career didn’t exactly suffer following his injury, and it took five years for a Superstar to surpass his 380-day benchmark. As for Punk, The Chairman did promise Ryback would get his title opportunity in the near future, but at least it won’t be a TLC Match. Plus given Punk’s history of defeating the beast, there’s a solid chance he’ll carry the title with him to the Royal Rumble for a showdown with The Rock for all the marbles.

But at the same time, the evidence is there. Who knows how long Cena and The Animal would have held their respective mantles (we’re guessing it would have been a while) had they not been struck down at the point of making history?

Pitchers in professional baseball practice discretion in determining the frequency and length of their time on the mound to preserve their arms. So the curse could be a simple case of pushing too hard, for too long, at a championship-caliber level. But tearing one’s muscle seems to be a bit too random, too extreme of a freak accident to have seen it coming. And Punk’s knee surgery certainly didn’t carry any warning signs. He looked fine wrestling on it the last couple of months.

Granted, Dr. James Andrews, who performed Punk’s surgery, is optimistic about The Second City Saint’s recovery and insists the champ will be up and running in no time. But injuries are a fickle, fickle matter, and nobody knows what unforeseen complications could await Punk while he rehabs. Being stripped of the title due to an inability to compete is not yet off the table for The Voice of the Voiceless. While that would certainly light a fire under him the likes of which have never been seen, it would certainly seem to lend credence to the existence of the curse.

So really, what we’re trying to say on the matter is the evidence is there, but the jury is out. Either Punk will evade the fate suffered by Cena and Batista and continue to claw his way through the history books … or his title reign will meet a similar, sudden end. We'll just have to wait and see how his luck holds up.

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