John Cena vows he's done kissing AJ Lee!

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November 28, 2012

For two weeks in a row, John Cena has shared passionate kisses with AJ Lee in the ring on Raw. (WATCH KISSES | PHOTOS: NOV. 26 KISS | NOV. 19 KISS)

In hindsight on Tuesday, @JohnCena apologized on Twitter for his actions:

John Cena tweets about kissing AJ Lee

Certainly, the Cenation leader isn't the first Superstar to share a kiss with a fellow Superstar. (WATCH: MEMORABLE SUPERSTAR KISSES) And sometimes when passions run high, things go beyond just kissing! Anyone remember the controversy surrounding the Edge, Lita and Matt Hardy love triangle? Or the live ring "celebration" between Edge and Lita? (LITA TALKS ATTITUDE ERA)

Things done in the heat of the moment can often result in regret that Cena is now experiencing. But on the other hand, the initial chemistry between two people can also lead to relationships that last a lifetime. Does the legendary McMahon-Helmsley Era ring a bell? Sports-entertainment would not be the same without it. (THE 15 GREATEST FAMILIES IN WWE HISTORY)

Is Cena truly done letting his emotions get the better of him? What will happen next between the Cenation leader and AJ Lee?

What do you think about Cena and AJ Lee kissing? Post your comments below, Tout your ideas, or sound off now on Facebook and Twitter using #AJScandal.

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