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November 19, 2012

Sheamus def. Damien Sandow


In a rematch from their gritty minor classic a few weeks ago, Sheamus and Damien Sandow took each other to hell and back in a brutal fight that spilled all over in Dayton, Ohio. It was a contest that was every bit worth the wait for an encore, but before that fight could be had, a previous fight had to be addressed.

Sheamus stormed to the ring, dented chair in hand, and addressed his longstanding rivalry with Big Show. To summarize The Celtic Warrior's feelings on the state of things (and to co-opt a classic phrase): This time it's personal. The combination of Show's assault of William Regal and the underhanded way in which he retained the World Heavyweight Title at Survivor Series brought out the brutality in Sheamus. And for his part, the fighting Irishman wasn't willing to wait for a rematch. The Celtic Warrior summoned the giant from the locker room area, but The World's Largest Athlete wasn't having any of it. Incensed by Sheamus' mockery, the giant erupted in a furious tirade and not only denied Sheamus the rematch, but also unleashed an insult that stung The Celtic Warrior to his core: "You're just like your ancestors. You're barbaric."

Sheamus was ready to rumble for sure after that one, but that was the moment Sandow chose to make his entrance. As Show discreetly made his exit, "The Duke of Decency" took to the ring and immediately picked up where he left off with Sheamus. Sandow showed a finesse and brutality that completely belies his bookish demeanor, going shot for shot with The Celtic Warrior and employing a combination of both classic wrestling technique and ferocious strikes that forced Sheamus into the corner. The Irishman rallied in a unique manner, tossing Sandow out of the ring by his beard. The insult must have struck a nerve because The Enlightened One retaliated by mauling Sheamus in the corner, taking away The Celtic Warrior's momentum and giving Sandow the opportunity to bestow a decidedly unrefined beating on the former World Champion. The onslaught left Sheamus literally gasping for air and victory within "The Emperor of Enlightenment's" reach.

But as anyone can tell you, even the most enlightened of us are subject to bouts of hubris. And that never ends well for anyone. So when Sandow took just a little too long to celebrate when he set up the Elbow of Disdain, Sheamus rallied fast. The Celtic Warrior pummeled Sandow with the Irish Curse and left The Enlightened One to suffer, in quick succession, the forearm clubs, the battering ram, White Noise and the Brogue Kick. All of which, we suppose, is a lesson to Sandow: The fight ain't over till it's over. You're welcome.

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