Raw results: Punk celebrates 365 days as champion, Ziggler injures Cena in locker room brawl

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November 19, 2012

Vickie Guerrero presented "eyewitnesses" to the "AJ scandal"


Did Vickie Guerrero finally push AJ Lee and John Cena to their limits? In her latest attempt to expose the so-called "AJ scandal," the Managing Supervisor brought out her greatest evidence: a pair of eyewitnesses who laid eyes on the supposed fling and came forth on Raw to present their accounts. Vickie summoned a waitress and a parking attendant from the Sacramento, Calif., restaurant where Cena and AJ had their alleged tryst, but AJ wasn't about to let herself be slandered any more than she already had been. 

"If you want to fire me, go ahead and do it," the former Raw General Manager hissed at her replacement, only one night after Tamina Snuka interrupted their previous confontation with a sneak attack on AJ (WATCH: TAMINA SPEAKS). "But if not, I suggest you do everybody a favor and shut the hell up."

The insult did little to faze Vickie, who took the proceedings one step further and prepared to display photos of AJ and Cena in the parking lot. "If you take offense to nudity, I suggest you walk out and protect your little ones' eyes, because now I'm going to present a photo of John Cena and AJ in the car!" Vickie beamed, but what emerged instead was nothing more than a stewing, stomping and decidedly clothed Cena. 

"All of this is garbage," Cena said simply, accusing Vickie of manufacturing the scandal simply to get tongues wagging. Happily, he had a solution to that problem.

"I'll give you something to talk about," Cena said before turning toward AJ. "I hope you don't mind," said the Cenation leader before pulling AJ in for a tender kiss in the middle of the ring. But he never got to finish his point, because after Cena broke the lip-lock and turned back to Vickie to finish his thought, AJ spun him around and leaped into the 10-time WWE Champion's arms, swarming him with a smooch that left Vickie speechless.

With Cena otherwise preoccupied, however, the door was wide open for a sneak attack and that's just what happened: Dolph Ziggler sprinted forth and hit the Cenation leader with a cheap shot, squirming out of the Attitude Adjustment and booking it up the ramp to the locker room area. Cena gave chase, but an awkward landing after diving through the ropes seemed to hobble him considerably. Cena pursued Dolph as best he could, but with one leg seemingly compromised, the "AJ scandal" may have left him damaged in a way no one ever expected.

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