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November 19, 2012

WWE Tag Team Champions Team Hell No vs. Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara went to a no-contest


In all the tag team turmoil that has unfolded recently, the Nutter Center crowd was treated to a first on Monday night: Team Hell No vs. Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara. And while the champs' brutal, irascible style certainly provided an interesting challenge for the masked men, it was The Prime Time Players who made the biggest impact from their perch at commentary.

Kane and Sin Cara started things off, and The Big Red Machine looked to have The International Sensation dead to rights early on, but Bryan would not be denied his glory moment in the contest. The "No!" man tagged himself in against Kane's wishes and attempted to finish what Kane started, but Sin Cara quickly tagged in Mysterio to turn the tide. The Ultimate Underdog proved too much for Bryan or Kane to handle, nearly executing the 619 on The Devil's Favorite Demon to end the match. Quick thinking on Kane's part led him to duck out of the ring, but that did little to stem the chaos as Rey floored the champion with a seated senton. Bryan followed with a running knee that left Mysterio down, and Sin Cara completed the set with a suicide dive to the submission technician that left all four combatants strewn in a heap.

Sin Cara eventually got another crack at Kane, but The Mexican Icon's fortunes didn't improve much as he fell victim to the demon's punishing offense. Team Hell No finally started to find its groove after a rough 24 hours, with Kane and Bryan trading offensive sequences against the beleaguered highflier. Bryan provided a highlight when he applied a wicked-looking surfboard-headlock combo to Sin Cara, while Kane provided the brawn to Bryan's brains with power strikes. Sin Cara finally found his breathing room when he hit Bryan with a tornado DDT, leading both men to tag in their respective partners.

Kane and Mysterio traded furious blows from the second they entered the ring, but The Master of the 619's agility proved to be the difference-maker when he hit Kane with the 619. Before he could Drop the Dime and seal the win, though, Kane snatched Mysterio out of the air by the throat. At this point, The Prime Time Players had seen enough.

Darren Young and Titus O'Neil stormed the ring and laid waste to everyone between the ropes, bringing the match to a no-contest and prompting an unlikely burst of teamwork from the tandems who had, until moments earlier, been opponents. Bryan set Mysterio up for double 619 on the interlopers, and Kane planted "The Big Deal" with a Chokeslam while Sin Cara took to the skies and dropped a senton on a prone "Mr. No Days Off."

In conclusion: They're still the Tag Team Champions, but the competition for Team Hell No's titles has just intensified in a big way.

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