Raw results: Punk celebrates 365 days as champion, Ziggler injures Cena in locker room brawl

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November 19, 2012

Ryback def. Tensai


DAYTON, Ohio — Now here's something you don't see every week: Monday Night Raw kicking off not with a match, but an address to the WWE Universe ... from Ryback.

Typically a Superstar of few words, the beast was positively effusive in Wright State University's Nutter Center when, one night after being driven through a table by Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns, he made his intentions loud and clear to the man he believed responsible for the attack: WWE Champion CM Punk.

"Last night I was about to feast on the WWE Championship, but CM Punk employed three of his men to take food out of a starving man's mouth," Ryback snarled. "Well my hunger cannot be suppressed. I am a predator. And CM Punk, you and your three men are my prey."

Ryback presented the champion and his supposed minions with an ultimatum: The four of them could "make it easy on themselves" by facing him at once ... or the beast would tear Nutter Center to pieces until he found them. 

What he got was hardly CM Punk and the former WWE NXT stalwarts. Instead, he got was Vickie Guerrero. And the Managing Supervisor was in no mood for Ryback's threats, presenting him with an ultimatum of her own: If Ryback caused any kind of chaos, he would be subject to a fine or suspension. Vickie revealed herself to be, if nothing else, a fan of Ryback's destructive tendencies, though. "I do like watching you destroy people ... so let's just see how big your appetite really is."

The meal she had in mind was Tensai, who was steaming mad following his elimination at the hands of Justin Gabriel in the bonus Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Tag Team Match the night before. The towering gaijin unloaded a world of hurt on Ryback, who struggled to find an initial response to his mountainous foe's opening onslaught. But after a few moments, the beast found his footing and surged back against Tensai, tossing him into the barrier outside the ring and unleashing an earth-rattling Meathook Clothesline, sealing the victory with Shell Shocked, all the while snarling "Punk" in the vicinity of the cameras. Seems like, despite Vickie's warning, Ryback was thinking of someone else during that contest.


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