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November 13, 2012


When talking about scandals in WWE motivated by family, the first — and possibly last — word of the matter could very well be “McMahon.” That’s because the shocking events that took place between the members of the First Family of Sports-Entertainment have been second to none.

From Triple H secretly marrying Stephanie McMahon while she was unconscious and then telling her about it as she was about to marry someone else, to Shane buying WCW from under his father’s nose and Stephanie joining her brother in trying to take over the company … (deep breath) … to Stephanie betraying Mr. McMahon to launch McMahon-Helmsley Era with The Game, to a WrestleMania main event in which all four bloodline McMahons threw their support behind different Superstars; to Stephanie’s fake pregnancy … (let us catch our wind for a second) … to the uproar over Mr. McMahon’s supposed illegitimate child, to Triple H attacking Randy Orton in his home after The Viper’s onslaught on the whole McMahon clan, to many, many, many other things, the McMahons have shown without a doubt that their family is entertaining, but downright salacious, too.

But just because the McMahons are “first,” that doesn’t mean they hold a monopoly on scandalous family dysfunction. More than one tabloid-worthy story has told between brothers The Undertaker and Kane and their father Paul Bearer. This includes a series of ruthless, sensational episodes that have resulted in a burned down funeral home, a disfigured Big Red Monster, a twice-buried-alive Phenom, countless sneak attacks, even more seeming demises for Bearer, and numerous pay-per-view showdowns.

Sometimes the hatred between two Superstars is so great that family becomes just one more tool used to strike at the heart of an adversary — providing some of the most sensational scandals of them all. Case in point, while Big Show was attending his father’s funeral in the ’90s, his nemesis Big Boss Man managed to haul away the coffin with The World’s Largest Athlete clinging to the top of it.

No matter whether they are driven by love, personal gain or family dysfunction, scandals in WWE remain as memorable as they are controversial. And in the coveted spotlight that feeds on true sensationalism, the lights have never been brighter.


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