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November 13, 2012

Love, or something like it

In the modern age, perhaps there is no greater motivation for scandal than the real — or often merely suspected — love between two — or sometimes even three – people!

Yes, there have been numerous love triangles that have led to scandalous results. However, the one that could stand out as the most notorious centered around Lita, Edge and Matt Hardy. Who could forget the earth-shattering moment when Hardy learned his moonsault-wielding girlfriend had been having an affair with The Ultimate Opportunist behind his back? The news instantly sent instant buzz through the WWE Universe and the locker room and led to an out-of-control showdown between the two prominent Superstars after Hardy was first released and then re-signed by WWE.

While the scandal nearly tore both grapplers apart in a physical sense, though, it also provided widespread notoriety that ultimately helped lead to the rise of The Rated-R Superstar as one of the most controversial Superstars in WWE — not to mention another scandalous moment in the form of a “revealing,” celebration on Raw after Edge won the WWE Title.

Years later, Zack Ryder’s infatuation with the devious Eve would also cause quite the public stir. Before the very eyes of the WWE Universe, the calculating vixen used her incredible appeal to gain heightened exposure week after week, dragging John Cena and Kane into the fray as well. Eve rode the sensational situation all the way to a WrestleMania moment, ultimately kicking Long Island Iced-Z and leaving him lying in the dust while leaving millions of fans around the world saying, “Oh my!”

Not that every love scandal in WWE has been all about Eve. For instance, there was the time when two-time World Tag Team Champions Chuck Palumbo & Billy Gunn caused a jaw-dropping uproar; not as much as when Chuck opted to propose to his devoted tag team partner, but definitely when they interrupted their SmackDown union ceremony to declare their “romantic” pairing was nothing more than a publicity stunt gone too far!

To succeed in WWE, you have to use any advantage you can get your hands on, even if what you have in your grip is completely fabricated. Enter the legendary Ric Flair, who once sent shockwaves through sports-entertainment by using the combination of love and jealousy to get inside the head of Randy “Macho Man” Savage. The relentless 16-time World Champion began to spread rumors that he was had an affair with “The First Lady of Wrestling” Miss Elizabeth before she was married to Savage. Flair went so far as to publish doctored photos of them together in WWE Magazine. It was a move that literally made headlines and created a bitter rivalry between Savage and “The Nature Boy” that spread to WrestleMania and beyond.

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