Ryback vs. Brad Maddox video footage uncovered!

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November 05, 2012

With Brad Maddox now in the spotlight, WWE.com did some digging and uncovered Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW) footage of the rogue ref’s encounter with Ryback from back in 2008. (WATCH)

Although Maddox came to this Monday’s Raw to explain his actions at Hell in a Cell (WATCH), could this rare OVW footage raise even more questions about what motivates him?

After Maddox expressed his dream of competing in WWE, Mr. McMahon made a stunning offer of a $1 million contract if the controversial ex-ref can beat Ryback next week on Raw. (DOES MADDOX DESERVE THE MATCH?)

Regardless of what makes Maddox tick, Ryback will be champing at the bit to get retribution after what Maddox did to him at Hell in a Cell.

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