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October 22, 2012

Dolph Ziggler def. WWE Tag Team Champion Daniel Bryan


Dolph Ziggler was in the money on Raw Monday night when he squared off against Tag Team Champion (or Tag Team Champions, depending whom you ask) Daniel Bryan and, thanks to an inadvertent distraction from Kane, picked up a hard-fought win in IZOD Center.

Bryan and Ziggler built off their strong history of competition, stringing together a technically crisp contest that brought out the best in both Superstars and provided strong support for Bryan's skill as a current champion and Ziggler's as a potential future one. The match was dead even almost the entire way through; Bryan's intricate mastery proved to be the perfect foil for The Showoff's flashy dynamism. Each time Ziggler got a head of steam going, Bryan reversed Mr. Money in the Bank's dizzying attacks into intricate holds like a surfboard and a Figure-Four Leglock. Ziggler seemingly gained the upper hand by suplexing Bryan off the apron and onto the outside area, but the flash, boom and burn of Kane's entrance seemed to spell doom for The Showoff.

Kane's presence seemed to galvanize Bryan into a late game run, as the "No!" man bounced between the ropes like a ping-pong ball before decking Ziggler with a clothesline. Bryan traded near-falls with The Showoff before Ziggler found his footing ... and lost it just as quickly, missing a turnbuckle attack when Bryan dodged The Showoff's leap, leaving Dolph to tumble painfully to the outside. Bryan countered with a high-risk attack of his own, and the two found themselves back into the ring. Ziggler struck fast, hitting a top-rope facebuster on the "No!" man, but Bryan rallied with a textbook kick to The Showoff's head.

With victory in hand, Bryan seemed to set up for his final strike ... until Kane decided to get the crowd riled up by instigating a "YES! YES! YES!" chant among the New Jersey faithful. This, of course, did not sit well with Bryan, and as the submission technician devolved into an irascible mess, Ziggler capitalized to hit Bryan with a top-rope Zig Zag for the victory.

The antics did not end there, however, as Team Hell No seemed ready to descend into physicality before Matt Striker made his presence known, announcing that Managing Supervisor Vickie Guerrero decreed Team Hell No would compete in a contest she referred to as "The NewlyTag Game" against Team Rhodes Scholars.

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