Raw results: Ryback to challenge CM Punk at Hell in a Cell

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October 16, 2012

Big Show def. Daniel Bryan after demanding a match with him


NASHVILLE, Tenn. – As Raw began on Monday night, Big Show stormed to the ring with vindication on his mind. As the Music City crowd roared its disapproval, the giant recapped the past few weeks of his encounters with World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus — specifically, his foiling of the Brogue Kick last week on Raw and the scientific measurement of his KO Punch's power last Friday on SmackDown. But more than just disparaging The Celtic Warrior, Big Show came to Raw with a monkey on his back: his much-maligned 45-second World Heavyweight Championship reign, which has been the subject of much derision by current World Champion Sheamus as their title match at Hell in a Cell approaches.

Happily, The World’s Largest Athlete came armed with a solution: a one-on-one match with Tag Team Champion Daniel Bryan, the man who cut his title reign short that fateful night at WWE TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs via a Money in the Bank cash-in. "One match, one punch, one pin, I'll erase it," Show thundered. "BRING ME DANIEL BRYAN!!!"

Backstage, however, the irritable submission expert was loath to grant the giant his request, scoffing at Big Show’s apparent inability to get over his embarrassment at Bryan’s hands and refusing to compete against the giant. That is, until Raw General Manager AJ Lee skipped onto the scene to pull rank on the “No!” man, forcing her former paramour into competition against his old foil. Suffice it to say, Kane (and the assembled WWE Superstars watching the drama unfold) found the whole thing highly amusing, as collective cries of “Yes!” followed Bryan out of the locker room area and toward the ring where the giant lie in wait.

Sadly, there was nowhere to hide for Bryan when he faced Show again. While Bryan managed to upset the giant on numerous occasions thanks to a wily exploitation of technicalities, the submission technician found himself with his back to the wall against The World’s Largest Athlete. Despite his best efforts, Bryan just wasn’t able to topple the giant again.

Bryan went back to his old game plan of attempting to "chop the big redwood down," as J.R. said, unleashing a barrage of kicks on the giant's knees and attempting to evade Show's powerful strikes. But despite his gusty recovery from a spear and a bear hug by the giant, David fell to Goliath when Bryan found himself on the receiving end of a chokeslam that put the Tag Team Champion(s?) down for the count. Thankfully, Bryan was spared the further degradation of a KO Punch when Kane came to his partner’s rescue (though, to be fair, the demon in red wasn't above a few laughs at Bryan's expense before the situation turned dire). Kane stared down The World’s Largest Athlete as he was about to deck the submission technician, seemingly dissuading Show from unloading further on the fallen Bryan.

Safe to say Bryan’s had better nights, but at least The Big Red Monster had his buddy’s back.

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