Raw results: Punk crashes J.R. Appreciation Night; Team Hell No finds its groove

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October 01, 2012

World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus def. Damien Sandow


In the battle of brains and brawn, brawn does not necessarily always win. But it sure did on Monday night, after World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus made a resounding example of Damien Sandow after The Enlightened One deigned to demean the World Title holder following Sheamus' World Championship Debate against Big Show.

"The Intellectual Savior of the Masses" put up a mammoth effort against The Great White and attempted to make use of his swift athleticism in the battle against the punishing Sheamus, but time and again, The Celtic Warrior was able to stop Sandow before he could get into his rhythm. A Sandow headlock would typically lead to a power move from Sheamus that rattled every point of Sandow's IQ, although the "Rhodes Scholar" was able to escape a potential disaster when Sheamus grabbed a fistful of Sandow's immaculately kempt beard.

Teamwork from Sandow's partner Cody Rhodes, who joined the announce team, helped keep The Enlightened One in the hunt for a victory, though, after Rhodes distracted Sheamus long enough for Sandow to level The Great White with a big clothesline outside the ring. Sandow followed up that reprieve with a strong surge of offense, grounding Sheamus with a series of technical holds, culminating with the Elbow of Disdain to the ribs of the World Heavyweight Champion.

An attempted comeback from The Great White was slow getting off the ground as well, after Sandow turned Sheamus' own momentum against him and trapped him in yet another series of intricate holds that seemed to spell doom for the brawling champion. But for all of Sandow's athleticism, proficiency and somewhat surprising rage on the mat, he was unable to keep Sheamus down for the three-count.

And that, as it turned out, was his undoing. Down but not out, Sheamus managed to create some separation from The Enlightened One. Despite Sandow expertly dodging a last-gasp Brogue Kick, the punishment continued when Sheamus strung Sandow up in the ropes for his signature forearm clubs, pausing only briefly to dole out an extra shot to Rhodes when he tried to interfere. Having caught a monstrous second wind, Sheamus threw both Rhodes and Sandow into the ring and knocked both members of Team Rhodes Scholars to the mat with a double Brogue Kick, catching their craniums with one boot. Despite a top-notch effort from Sandow, class was dismissed.

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