Raw results: Punk crashes J.R. Appreciation Night; Team Hell No finds its groove

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October 01, 2012

World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus and Big Show had a World Championship Debate


It's safe to say there won't be too many debates like this up on Capitol Hill.

Hot on the heels of earning the No. 1 contender's spot for Sheamus' World Heavyweight Title, Big Show was called to dust off his public speaking skills when he squared off against The Celtic Warrior in a World Championship Debate in Oklahoma City.

Big Show was first to take the mic, and his opening statement was nothing if not to the point: He would walk into Hell in a Cell, KO Sheamus, take the World Title, potentially rip Sheamus' leg off should a Brogue Kick attempt ensue and leave. Sheamus' rebuttal was typically jovial, jokingly asking the giant to refrain from taking his leg off.

Moderated by SmackDown General Manager Booker T, the debate began in earnest when the two Superstars were asked to reveal what they found to be the most challenging aspect of their opponent, Sheamus extolled the strength and power of The World's Largest Athlete (although he did have some less-than-kind words about Show's supposed B.O.). "My biggest concern is that this match lasts longer than 45 seconds," Sheamus sneered, referencing the giant's short-lived World Title reign last December at the WWE: Tables, Ladders and Chairs pay-per-view. This provoked the ire of the giant, but once Booker T calmed the big man down, the back and forth continued.

Asked to reveal which was more devastating, the Brogue Kick or the WMD, Show began to list the positive attributes of his signature strike, only leading to Sheamus hitting him with another "45 seconds" jab. As the debate threatened to spiral into physicality, Sheamus attempted to calm things down by cuing up a Tout from his "cousin," Rey Mysterio O’Sullivan. A mocking, masked visage suspiciously resembling The Great White appeared on the TitanTron, demeaning Big Show with derogatory jokes before ending in a good-spirited "arriba!"

What followed was the proverbial calm before the storm, as Show dropped all pretense of civility and stared The Celtic Warrior down with fury in his eyes.

"Do you have something serious to offer?" Show snarled at Sheamus.

"How does it feel to lose the World Heavyweight Championship to Daniel Bryan in 45 seconds, only to have him lose it to me in 18 seconds?" The Great White said with a grin.

For a moment, then, it seemed like the gloves were going to come off, and the big fight come before Hell in a Cell. But after a long, internal debate of his own, Big Show decided to fight another day. The only question left is: Will the big fight be as lighthearted an affair for Sheamus? The answer: debatable.

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