Dropping Pipe Bombs: CM Punk's 15 greatest moments

#14 Sept. 1, 2007: Defeats John Morrison for ECW Championship in a "Last Chance" match

In a process that would repeat itself throughout CM Punk’s career, championship gold did not come easily to him. But when he finally did get his taped-up claws on a title, he did so with gusto and catharsis that somehow made all the attempts before worth the one shining moment. The Second City Saint’s first dance with a WWE championship came when he clashed with John Morrison over the ECW Championship. Punk challenged Morrison in a series of matches that saw Morrison retain for weeks on end until the determined Punk was finally granted a “last chance” opportunity at the title. On Sept. 1, 2007, the two dynamos met one last time with the prize on the line, and The Second City Saint came through in flying colors, grounding The Prince of Parkour to secure his very first championship under the WWE banner. But, needless to say, it would not be his last.