Dropping Pipe Bombs: CM Punk's 15 greatest moments

#15 Aug. 1, 2006: Defeats Justin Credible in his WWE debut

It’s safe to say The Second City Saint’s reputation preceded him out of the independents and into ECW, where he was handpicked by Paul Heyman to make his debut, and had already amassed a considerable following heading into his first WWE-sanctioned contest at the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City. The ravenous crowd, waving signs in the air baring their allegiance to the latest WWE blue-chipper (“I PAID TO SEE CM PUNK”), erupted in “CM PUNK!” chants from the moment The Straight Edge Superstar burst forth from the curtain. Punk’s ascension to the big leagues was, in their opinion, a long time coming. Taking on one of the original denizens of ECW, Justin Credible, Punk immediately proved himself worthy of the WWE banner by picking up a victory, tapping out Credible with the Anaconda Vise and foreshadowing a near-unparalleled career of brazen, brutal competition.