Raw results: Cena and Foley challenge Punk; Kane & Bryan get a team name

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September 24, 2012

Mick Foley called out WWE Champion CM Punk


Cue the car crash music and guitar riffs: Mick Foley is in the house.

The Hardcore Legend and three-time WWE Champion made an unannounced foray onto Monday Night Raw with one thing on his mind: enlightenment. Not in the philosophical sense, necessarily, but Foley arrived looking for an explanation as to where, exactly, WWE Champion CM Punk lost his way and turned from The Voice of the Voiceless into Paul Heyman's acolyte. Punk, however, did not appreciate Mick's "grandstanding" in the slightest, sulking to the ring and demanding that, if Foley had something to say, "say it to my face."

Foley did something very curious then: He made Punk smile, regaled the WWE Champion with a story of their text message interaction on the night that Punk first won the WWE Title. The nostalgia (and the brief lowering of Punk's shield) was short-lived after Foley warned him of the dangers of being a "Paul Heyman guy." Repeating an old adage he'd heard that "Paul Heyman would rather climb a tree and tell a lie than stand on the ground and tell a truth," Foley assured The Second City Saint that Heyman would, ultimately, only do what was best for him and not the champion.

When those efforts proved fruitless, the subject turned to a far more grisly subject: Hell in a Cell. Foley extolled the virtues of competing in the place where rivalries are settled once and for all, pitching it as the true and final test of Punk's greatness. The Hardcore Legend's challenge was simple: defeat Cena in the Cell and cement his legacy. Punk, however, was unmoved, smearing Foley's historic absorptions of pain as cheap pandering to the WWE Universe while painting his own 309-day reign as undisputable proof of his dominance. 

And then, the old Foley returned. "No one cares about dates," Foley bellowed, shades of Cactus Jack shining through as The Second City Saint was stunned into silence. "They care about the moments that define us, and in my estimation ... you need one more." AJ Lee, Foley said, would allow Punk to pick his own opponent for WWE Hell in a Cell. The confrontation closed with a strange sight: Foley begged CM Punk to pick Cena, for AJ, Foley, Punk himself, but most importantly, "for them."

"Have a nice day," The Hardcore Legend concluded, and as he left the ring, the WWE Universe was left with the strangest of images: The Voice of the Voiceless, speechless in his own ring.

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