Raw results: Cena pins Punk, but controversy still reigns

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September 17, 2012

WWE Tag Team Champions Kane & Daniel Bryan def. Kofi Kingston & R-Truth


They're (still) the Tag Team Champions! Following their unlikely victory over Kofi Kingston & R-Truth at Night of Champions, the perpetually dysfunctional Kane & Daniel Bryan took to the ring to defend their titles in a rematch on Monday Night Raw and, despite some continued bickering (including arguing over just which of them, exactly, is the Tag Team Champions), the anger management buddies stood tall when the final bell tolled.

It didn't look like it would be so easy, though: Following an extended argument over who would start the match, Bryan found himself being worked over by Kofi & Truth, whose own chemistry wasn't in doubt for a moment of the contest. Bryan eventually relented, tagging in Kane and allowing The Devil's Favorite Demon to try his hand against the former champions. The decision proved wise, as Kane managed to withstand a barrage of Kingston's kicks but ultimately found himself tossed over the ropes. Bryan's attempt to equalize the contest backfired when Kofi tossed him over the ropes and onto his masked partner, sowing seeds of dissent between the fragile twosome.

Still, the two eventually settled into a rhythm, systematically dismantling R-Truth during the commercial break in action that streamed exclusively on the WWE App. Truth tilted the match toward his team's favor after a tag to a fresh Kofi, whose high-octane offense seemed to stymie The Big Red Monster. But the Boom Squad General took too long to set up Trouble in Paradise, allowing Kane to recover and deck the Ghanaian Superstar with an uppercut. Bryan cut Kane off before he could set up for the Chokeslam, though, wanting to hog the victory for himself. Truth nearly denied the "No!" man the pleasure, mounting a flurry that left Bryan reeling and tagging in Kofi again in an attempt to finish the job.

Bryan eventually managed a tag to Kane, however. The Devil's Favorite Demon seemed to have the match finished when he set Truth up for a Chokeslam, and then a series of strange things happened. Bryan attempted to steal the pin again, but before he could get the tag to Kane, The Big Red Monster grabbed his irritable partner by the throat. Bryan countered, bouncing Kane's head off the ropes, causing him to stumble directly into a Lie Detector from Truth. Bryan managed to break up the pin, opening the door for Kane to finally hit the Chokeslam. Bryan then finally got his tag in, twisting Truth into the "No!" Lock and retaining the championships.

The two didn't let five minutes pass before the bickering resumed, with each grabbing hold of the titles and screaming that he was the Tag Team Champions. And then, heeding the cries of the WWE Universe, they hugged it out. Of course, Bryan snatched one of the titles off Kane's shoulder, and the back and forth began anew. The saga continues.

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