Five things Brock Lesnar can still conquer

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August 23, 2012

Beat John Cena

Point of clarification here: Brock Lesnar has beaten John Cena. The two actually had a fairly contentious rivalry in 2003, with the then–Doctor of Thuganomics dropping inspired science mocking the “Next Big Thing” (Who can forget “Me Brock Lesnar/here comes the pain/God made me strong/forgot to give me brain”?). The animosity built up to a collision at Backlash 2003, in a brutal contest for the WWE Championship that ended with Lesnar coming out on top.

But, as the saying goes, that was then, and this is now. Lesnar has beaten Cena, but he hasn’t beaten JOHN CENA, the dynastic, 10-time WWE Champion who pulled out a last-second win over Lesnar using a chain after sustaining the worst beating of his life at Extreme Rules this past spring (PHOTOS). The win effectively halted the wrecking machine’s rampage through WWE until Lesnar regained momentum this past week at SummerSlam. A win over Cena at any point earns a Superstar some swag in retrospect, but beating him now, at the peak of his career, would truly be a statement. Lesnar hasn’t done it.

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