Raw results: Brock Lesnar unleashes a world of pain on Shawn Michaels

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August 13, 2012

Brock Lesnar broke Shawn Michaels' arm after ambushing him in the parking lot

Triple H and Brock Lesnar signed the contract for their SummerSlam match
Paul Heyman warned the WWE Universe that they are going to witness "an uncomfortable beating" in which Triple H suffers mercilessly this Sunday. Brock Lesnar's representative then goaded Shawn Michaels into coming out from the back. After HBK and Brock exchanged a heated staredown, Triple H made his way to the ring and signed the contract without saying a word. Brock then signed the contract as well, tossed the clipboard right at The Game, and the two Superstars exchanged an intense staredown as Lesnar backpedaled away from the ring. (PHOTOS | VIDEO)

Brock Lesnar broke Shawn Michaels' arm after ambushing him in the parking lot
A simple contract signing wasn't enough to satisfy Brock's hunger for destruction. After Heyman prevented Michaels from leaving the parking lot, Lesnar ambushed The Heartbreak Kid and dragged him out of his car, knocking out the backstage camera in the process. Arriving later to the scene, Triple H appeared frantic as he looked at the shattered windshield on Michaels' car and pressed Raw GM AJ Lee for answers to what happened to HBK.

The Showstopper's fate would soon be revealed as Lesnar carried HBK over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes and into the ring. Brock sent Michaels crashing to the canvas with an F-5, and then twisted his arm in the Kimura Lock — the same devastating submission hold that broke The Game's arm back in April. Heyman warned Triple H that if he took another step, Brock would break HBK's arm too. The WWE COO held his ground and didn't approach the ring, but Lesnar snapped The Showstopper's limb anyway. (PHOTOS | VIDEO)

The King of Kings and WWE medical personnel then rushed to Michaels' aid as HBK writhed in agony on the canvas. Triple H apologized to his longtime friend for Brock's heinous act while Lesnar watched from the entrance ramp and laughed at the pain he inflicted on The Showstopper. Enraged by Brock's merciless assault, The Game barked: "We don't have to wait! Let's do this now!"

Just days before SummerSlam, an already heated personal rivalry has been taken to a whole new level at the hands of the beast known as Brock Lesnar. (INJURY UPDATE: MICHAELS' RIGHT ARM BROKEN | EXCLUSIVE: TRIPLE H COMMENTS ON HBK'S CONDITION)

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