GMs on GMs: AJ Lee and Booker T grade each other's initial performances

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August 13, 2012

A leader should be his or her own toughest critic. Running any organization — a team, a company or, say, a television show — requires a fair hand, a strong sense of morals, and enough absence of ego to realize when, perhaps, your particular course of action might not be the best one.

Clearly, Raw and SmackDown have been in short supply of permanent leadership lately. Now, however, a new era has begun, as Mr. McMahon installed AJ Lee and Booker T as the new GMs of Raw and SmackDown. On paper, the two competitors-turned-suits couldn’t be more different from several of their predecessors, but despite their proven track record, it can still be tough for an authority figure to hold his or herself accountable and be a tough critic of his or her own actions.

So, we at had a better idea: We’ll get them to critique each other.

We know. Genius.

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