Should CM Punk respect Big Show?

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August 08, 2012

So, we ask again: Why is Punk not paying Big Show the proper dues as a competitor? We do know that CM Punk has been uncharacteristically glib toward The World’s Largest Athlete, dismissing him as an underachiever and a “shell of a man” whose only remarkable attribute was the number of zeros in his paycheck. Show, for his part, responded in the most simplistic manner possible: He calmly eviscerated Punk on the microphone, reinforcing the champion’s feelings of self-doubt and nurturing the seeds of resentment that would eventually grow and lead Punk to his current predicament.

And then, of course, Big Show knocked him out.

All in all, this sounds like a strategy The Second City Saint himself might have employed once upon a time: unman his opponent psychologically, foster seeds of doubt and cause him to question his very position as the champion, before finally exerting physical dominance over him.

The final step to that equation when Punk employed it was, of course, taking the championship itself, and it seems, like a true Voice of the Voiceless, that he’s inspired yet another underappreciated Superstar to follow in his footsteps. All this is just a complicated way of saying that while Punk laments the loss of his respect as champion, he might want to pay attention to the elephant in the room that might just end up relieving him of the burden — and the title — altogether.

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