Should CM Punk respect Big Show?

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August 08, 2012

On Monday, WWE Champion CM Punk dropped a mini–“pipe bomb” and declared that all future episodes of Raw would end as he believes they should: with him, the WWE Champion, standing tall over all opponents, having asserted his dominance as the peak performer in WWE and re-established that he is, in fact, the Best in the World.

And then Big Show knocked him out.

It’s not hard to see why; like Punk has said, this is all a matter of respect. We know Punk respects John Cena, despite their jaw-jacking, because the two of them have had their share of battles in the past year and they’re pretty dead-even in terms of competition. But the one person Punk hasn’t afforded respect — and the one person who seemed to demand the most when all was said and done on Monday — was Big Show. The fact is, it wasn’t The Second City Saint who triumphantly ended Raw, it was the giant who closed the evening by knocking out Punk — and Cena, by the way — mugging for the camera with his massive mitts all over Punk’s title for good measure. So where, exactly, are Punk’s props for the big man?

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