Five ways that AJ Lee can make Daniel Bryan suffer

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July 31, 2012

Hey Daniel, did somebody call your mamma?!

When the WWE Universe thinks non-stop, drag out dancing in the ring, surely the first name that comes to mind is … Daniel Bryan? Well, regardless of whether the submission specialist has the moves like Jagger, AJ Lee may insist that he strut his stuff for the good of funk-a-delics everywhere by becoming the third Funkadactyl.

After all, the new GM does have a responsibly to make her show as spectacular as it can be. And what better way to bring the house down than to mix Brodus Clay and the sultry excitement that only Cameron and Naomi can provide with the snappy “Yes!” chant boogie of the former World Heavyweight Champion. Of course, a small wardrobe change might be in order first. But, with the help of some flashy tight pants, a bit of sequins and a touch of makeup, we are confident Bryan could prove the best in the world in a whole new medium.