AJ Lee or Charlie Sheen: Who should Daniel Bryan worry about more?

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July 28, 2012

It’s strange to think that AJ, who weighs 90 pounds soaking wet and only six months ago was serving out a term as Bryan’s meek and submissive arm candy, now holds the fate of every Raw Superstar — from John Cena to the Anonymous Raw GM Hornswoggle — since she accepted Mr. McMahon’s offer to become the General Manager of Raw. While we’re pretty sure most Superstars have nothing to fear from the new boss, Bryan is a different story.

During his reign as World Heavyweight Champion earlier this year, Bryan treated AJ less like a girlfriend and more like a pawn, manipulating her to suit his own needs and occasionally serving her up as cannon fodder for larger Superstars (read: Big Show) who were gaining too much momentum in their pursuit of Bryan’s title. He was even worse after breaking up with her, attempting to get back in her good graces so he might have a better shot at relieving CM Punk of the WWE Title. Again, his plans failed, but given all his scheming and mind games, it’s easy to see how AJ came out of the whole ordeal a bit … quirkier than she was in the first place.

And AJ clearly doesn’t have a problem being vindictive at this point. She’s already put Bryan through a table, who’s to say she won’t base her entire tenure as GM around making her ex’s life miserable (yes, AJ is now living out the revenge fantasy of every jilted lover ever)? Apart from seeing Daniel Bryan-Kane Punjabi Prison Matches every other week (please make this happen, AJ), she holds the power of office high over Bryan’s head, and there’s an incredibly strong chance she’ll exploit every loophole available to put Bryan through the proverbial gauntlet, week in and week out, until her vengeance is complete.

Or, you know, she could just declare that Daniel Bryan will have to face Charlie Sheen in an Extreme Rules Match at SummerSlam.

Either way, really, everyone is #winning!

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