AJ Lee or Charlie Sheen: Who should Daniel Bryan worry about more?

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July 28, 2012

In any case, Bryan suddenly finds himself surrounded by enemies on all sides. His most recent opponent, WWE Champion CM Punk, seems to have set his sights elsewhere in terms of an in-ring opponent for the time being. And since nobody’s stepped forward to challenge him in in-ring combat of yet, Bryan will have to keep himself occupied with the looming threat of Sheen, a man who once claimed to have tiger blood and Adonis DNA in his veins, unleashing a flurry of fisticuffs at him when SummerSlam rolls into the City of Angels.

It’s no small threat, strange as it may seem. Bryan is as vicious a competitor as there ever was, but there’s something to be said for provoking a man who once stood screaming from a rooftop with a supermodel on each arm celebrating being fired from the highest rated show on TV (and you thought AJ had issues). This isn’t the first celebrity-Superstar rivalry in WWE history, but it does have the potential to be the most explosive should the animosity between the two come to a head. Bryan, a grappling expert who bases his attacks in technical intricacies, fights with surgical precision. Sheen, though, is a far more unpredictable foil than Shaq, Floyd Mayweather or Andy Kaufman (again: Tiger blood. Supermodels. Rooftops. This really happened). Should he find himself staring Sheen in the face, D-Bry could well and good expect a little more than a scuffle to come his way. 

But even if Bryan’s gluten-free tiger blood is enough to keep Bud Fox at bay, the “Yes!” man still has one other X factor he’s got to contend with …

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