AJ Lee or Charlie Sheen: Who should Daniel Bryan worry about more?

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July 28, 2012

Well, there were no beatings, expletives or ritualistic sacrifices, and the priest remained blessedly un-Tombstoned (count your blessings, Slick), but let’s be honest: It wouldn’t have been a WWE wedding if the groom didn’t gain at least one mortal enemy before the vows got out of his mouth. That said, it’s safe to say the nuptials of Daniel Bryan and AJ Lee on Raw 1,000 was a resounding success, since Bryan ended up with not one but two new enemies by the time the ceremony reached its ignominious non-ending (PHOTOS). These things are to be expected when Superstars decide to tie the knot.

That one of Bryan’s newfound foils would end up being Charlie Sheen? Safe to say nobody saw that coming.

Indeed, on a show full of surprises, one of the biggest wasn’t that AJ ditched Daniel Bryan at the altar to assume the mantle of Raw General Manager. It’s that the former World Heavyweight Champion provoked the ire of “Anger Management” star Charlie Sheen by claiming the notorious wild man needed “life management” after Sheen threw a few choice remarks Bryan’s way via Skype during the broadcast (WATCH). Sheen replied to the bristling Bryan by offering an open challenge of sorts to the “Yes!” man to come seek him out the next time Bryan found himself in Los Angeles.

Potentially unrelated note: SummerSlam is in Los Angeles this year. Hmmm …

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