Is CM Punk vs. The Rock meant to be?

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July 30, 2012

But that’s the thing we tend to take for granted with CM Punk: He never forgets. He’s never forgotten the feeling of being overlooked in the months (years?) leading up to his first WWE Championship win, which is why he’s always seemed so happy in his months on the mountaintop. But it's possible those old wounds were opened up by Eve and Big Show in consecutive weeks when they insinuated that Punk – despite his position as WWE Champion – was still being overlooked in favor of Cena, Rock, Brock Lesnar, Triple H and The Undertaker.

Punk brushed off the comments as he typically does: with a wink, a smile and a resounding victory on the mat. But something in him seemed to have broken on Raw 1,000. Punk stayed silent on the matter for the week, but shed some light on the subject during Raw 1,001: He felt disrespected by The Rock, found his actions to be brazen and selfish, and resented The Great One's attempt to, in Punk's words, make the show "all about him." (POLL: WHO WOULD WIN, ROCK OR PUNK?)

It was a brief, albiet impassioned, explanation, but Punk will certainly have more to say. That’s the other thing about CM Punk: He’s never been afraid to speak his mind. One can only assume, should Punk keep the title in his cluctches, The Voice of the Voiceless is bound to air further grievances against The Brahma Bull. No matter what is said, though, it’s safe to say these two have unfinished business. No match has been made, no announcment forthcoming. Any battle between Punk and Rock is purely speculative at this point, but the truth is plain for the world to see: As much as there was bad blood between Rock and Cena, so too is there between The Rock and CM Punk.

Always was, and still is.

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