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Raw Five-Point Preview: June 18, 2012

Raw Five-Point Preview: June 18, 2012

Jobless and licking his wounds from last night’s Attitude Adjustment through a table, former General Manager and Executive Vice President of Talent John Laurinaitis will bid the WWE Universe farewell on tonight’s Raw SuperShow,  WWE’s Breaking News mobile alert service reported Monday afternoon.

The mastermind behind the controversial “People Power” movement got the hard goodbye at No Way Out after John Cena defeated Big Show in a Steel Cage Match – a victory that carried the stipulation that Big Johnny would be future-endeavored if The World’s Largest Athlete couldn’t pick up the win. With Cena standing victorious and the power structure of Raw suddenly up in the air, the first Raw SuperShow A.L. (after Laurinaitis) is sure to represent a sea change for WWE. Here are five developments to watch out for.

Bye bye, Big Johnny
“People Power” may have met its ignominious end in the swamps of New Jersey last night, but the WWE Universe will have one final opportunity tonight to hear from the newly out-of-work Mr. Excitement. Now that his tenure as Raw’s top authority figure is officially in the rear-view mirror, will the WWE Universe see a new, more humble, side of Laurinaitis? On his way out the door, will “Big Johnny” attempt to make good for his many previous wrongs? Or, will he leave Raw in much the same way that he governed it – kicking and screaming?

Will Brock and Heyman play The Game?

Raw Five-Point Preview: June 18, 2012

At No Way Out, Triple H made his first return to a WWE ring since Brock Lesnar served him with legal papers, baiting the wrecking machine with a one-on-one challenge to settle their differences in lieu of Lesnar’s two existing lawsuits against WWE (WATCH:  HEYMAN SUES TRIPLE H). Lesnar’s legal representative Paul Heyman will almost certainly have some kind of a response for The King of Kings but will the ECW mastermind and his ruthless protégé accept The Game’s offer? Or will the COO need to sweeten the pot to get Brock to play ball?

Is AJ playing with fire?

Raw Five-Point Preview: June 18, 2012

The sneaky smile on AJ's face as Kane carried her away may have spoken volumes about where her heart really lies. The unbalanced Diva shared another stunning kiss with The Big Red Monster at No Way Out, then later wound up helping WWE Champion CM Punk win the Triple Threat Match by interfering as Kane had control of the battle. Is AJ actually attracted to Kane? Or is she just toying with The Big Red Monster? And if the latter is the case, will Kane torment AJ and make her regret using him as a pawn in the bizarre love triangle? 

The last straw for Ziggler and Swagger?

Raw Five-Point Preview: June 18, 2012

Something that hasn’t quite been addressed yet: In the Fatal 4-Way that won him the No. 1 contender spot for Sheamus’ title, Dolph Ziggler actually pinned his estranged tag partner, Jack Swagger, to make it to the final two against Christian. The Showoff has gone on record to say he’s grown tired of his tag team with The All-American American, and Vickie Guerrero is surely grasping at straws trying to keep her stable intact. Will costing his partner a shot at the World Title be the straw that broke the camel’s back?

The revolution will be televised?

Raw Five-Point Preview: June 18, 2012

As Raw SuperShow rolls into Zack Ryder’s home turf at the Nassau Coliseum, the Zack Pack is growing restless. The Ultimate Broski has been absent the last few weeks from Raw, and the ravenous denizens of the LI will be champing at the bit to see their boy in action. Ryder never disappoints his hometown crowd; what will the self-proclaimed “Internet Champion” have in store for his big homecoming?

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