Raw SuperShow results: John Cena stuns Tensai, then shames Michael Cole

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June 04, 2012

John Cena def. Tensai, embarrassed Michael Cole

Before the match, Laurinaitis announced that Cena vs. Cole would be a No Disqualification Match, only provided that Cena could defeat Tensai first. It was music to Michael Cole's ears, but the announcer still looked mighty anxious as he repeatedly urged the Japanese warrior to inflict more and more punishment on Cena. Tensai complied by slamming the Cenation leader into the announce table and steel ring steps as Cole taunted Cena the entire time (and even slapped him across the face).

Battered and bruised by Tensai's relentless attack, Cena somehow found the energy to rally back, feeding off the energy of the enthusiastic crowd. The 10-time WWE Champion kept Tensai reeling with a Five-Knuckle Shuffle and followed with an awesome Attitude Adjustment for the 1-2-3. (PHOTOS | VIDEO)

Cena took a moment to soak in his very first win over the previously undefeated Tensai, but his night wasn't through yet. Next up was Cole, who tried to make peace with Cena before changing his tune and verbally lambasting the Cenation leader. Talk about a bad move. Cena stripped the pants off the polarizing announcer and stomped him where the sun don't shine. After laying into Cole repeatedly with slaps that echoed throughout the arena, Cena forced Cole to apologize to both Jerry Lawler and Jim Ross for belittling them.

Cena wasn't finished there – not by a long shot. He proceeded to coat Cole with bottles of JR's barbecue sauce and sprayed him all over with a fire extinguisher. But Tensai came back into the ring and saved Cole from more abuse by planting Cena with a sitdown powerbomb.

Sensing an opportunity to pull off a massive upset, Cole made the cover but was only able to get a two-count on Cena. After surviving the close call, Cena powered back, pinned Cole and humiliated him some more to the delight of the WWE Universe as the show came to a close. (PHOTOS | VIDEO)


WWE.COM Exclusive: Michael Cole reacts after being humiliated by John Cena

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