Ready to show the world: Is Dolph Ziggler a future World Champion?

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June 07, 2012

Dolph Ziggler wants out. Or at least that’s what The Showoff seems to be getting at, since his tag team with Jack Swagger hasn’t yielded the type of success that will satisfy Ziggler’s vast aspirations. His faith in Vickie Guerrero might be on shaky ground since she has yet to find him a stable footing in singles contests as well. Vickie has been Ziggler’s manager for so long it’s tough to imagine him stepping out on his own, but The Showoff has made such a strong case for himself as an upper-echelon Superstar under Vickie’s guidance that it’s equally as tough to imagine he won’t seek his fortunes on his own.

Of course, no Superstar ever breaks off from the nest to just be “good,” though. Ziggler thinks himself on the level of a World Champion, and make no mistake: In separating from the security of Vickie and Swagger, that’s what he sees himself as. And there’s a strong chance he can pull it off, too. On Raw SuperShow this week, The Showout outlasted three former World Heavyweight Champions to claim the No. 1 contendership to Sheamus' title at No Way Out (PREVIEW).

His success shouldn't be that surprising. Ziggler’s pedigree is better than the WWE Universe might realize (POLL: IS ZIGGLER A FUTURE CHAMP?). True, he’s had to share the spotlight in the time he’s spent under Vickie’s umbrella, But on those rare occasions when Ziggler gets to show his stuff (and we don’t just mean locking in headlocks while standing on his head), he’s proven that he’s in possession of a rare skill set among the WWE Superstars.

The only question is will those talents be enough to take him to a World Title?

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