Who is the biggest threat to CM Punk's WWE Championship?

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June 04, 2012


Anytime a Superstar steps into the ring against The Devil’s Favorite Demon, they’re rolling the dice with their physical and mental well-being. Kane is legend among the ranks of WWE for both his mind games and punishing physical strength, but the catch is that we’re not entirely sure a championship reign is high on his list of priorities. He did insert himself into contention for Sheamus’ World Heavyweight Title on the 666th episode of SmackDown (PHOTOS), but that’s the only time since his “resurrection” last December that The Big Red Monster has seemed even remotely concerned with winning a championship. Even his WWE Title opportunity last week on SmackDown – and his inclusion in the Triple Threat Match – is something he was granted by John Laurinaitis, not something he actively sought out.

Kane’s M.O. since his re-masking has been complete and utter destruction, like his psychological warfare with John Cena and Randy Orton, coupled with his utter decimation of Zack Ryder over the course of several months. Not once was a WWE title on the line during any of those rivalries, and not once did that stop Kane’s vicious assault on his opponents’ hearts, bodies and minds. Kane’s been used as a pawn in Bryan and Punk’s rivalry for a month now; this match could be his chance to simply get both of them in the same space together and exact his vengeance. A title opportunity is just a bonus, and besides, Kane wants to punish both men equally.

Is Kane a threat to Punk’s physical well-being? Oh yes, absolutely. But if Kane failed to claim the title and still left Punk a beaten mess on the canvas, it seems like the sort of statement performance that would satiate him all the same.

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