Is Chris Jericho more dangerous than ever before?

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May 23, 2012

Is there any WWE Superstar who’s the subject of more Internet rumors than Chris Jericho?

Recently, the Internet buzz was that Jericho was leaving WWE after last Sunday’s WWE Over the Limit. A article even seemed to suggest that Jericho should call it a career in WWE based on his lack of success in big matches since his return earlier this year.

Well, Over the Limit is in the books, and while Jericho did not achieve his goal of unseating World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus in the Fatal 4-Way Match, it’s apparent that reports of Jericho’s departure have been greatly exaggerated.

For anyone who’s paid attention to Jericho’s career, it should also be clear Jericho is at his most dangerous when he faces adversity.

Here are three examples that prove that point:

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