Raw SuperShow results: John Laurinaitis faces termination at WWE Over the Limit!

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May 14, 2012

Kane def. Big Show; John Laurinaitis fired Big Show!


Right in the middle of a battle between two of WWE’s behemoths, John Laurinaitis ordered Big Show to apologize to him. The distraction opened the door for a chokeslam victory for Kane over The World’s Largest Athlete.

Laurinaitis fired Big Show (WATCH)
After the match, the GM demanded an apology for Big Show making fun of his voice or he would be fired. With the ominous warning, Show took an emotional trip down the memory lane of his career and asked the GM to let him keep doing what he loves. When the GM was adamant that Show make a clear apology, Show obliged.

Next, the GM demanded Show get on his knees and beg to keep his job. But the visibly shaken and emotional World’s Largest Athlete couldn’t bring himself do it and begged not to be made get on his knees. Saying he’d do what is right for business, Laurinaitis said he reconsider Show’s fate.

But as the GM walked away from the ring and appeared ready to fire the veteran Superstar, Show finally gave in, dropped to his knees and apologized for making fun of the GM’s voice. When he asked the GM if he was happy, he got the news that stunned the WWE Universe. "No I'm not. As General Manager of Raw and SmackDown, I wish you the best in your future endeavors. And Show, you’re fired,” leaving The World’s Largest Athlete weeping on his knees.

After the shocking firing, an emotional Show said his final goodbyes to the WWE Universe. (WATCH EXCLUSIVE)

Zack Ryder vs. Kane announced
Zack Ryder will take on Kane in the WWE Over the Limit live Pre-Show event, which will stream on YouTube.com/WWE, Facebook and WWE.com Sunday at 7:30 ET/4:30 PT. (MATCH PREVIEW)