The Fearsome History of The Claw

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May 16, 2012

Behold The Claw, a cranial-crushing finishing move that may not look as punishing as it actually is, but in the right hand, is a maneuver from which there is almost no escape. This manual compactor is one of the more brutally simplistic moves in a sports-entertainer’s arsenal: You grab hold of your opponent’s head, put pressure on the temples and squeeze his skull like a stress ball, refusing to let up until he’s reduced to a pile of mush on the canvas, either tapping out or passing out and being pinned.

The mighty Tensai is the latest WWE Superstar to adapt The Claw, enhancing the maneuver by dousing his hand in the debilitating Japanese green mist (WATCH: THE MIST IN ACTION) before he palms an enemy’s face and pushes him to the canvas. But the ex-patriot warrior is hardly the first Superstar to embrace the vicious simplicity of crushing a man’s head like an overripe melon until he simply has no fight left.

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