Raw SuperShow results: Brock Lesnar, General Manager John Laurinaitis fly off the handle

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April 30, 2012

John Laurinaitis ambushed John Cena, revealed that he will face him at WWE Over the Limit

With his left arm wrapped in a sling, John Cena addressed the WWE Universe and recounted his grueling Extreme Rules Match against Brock Lesnar. Raw and SmackDown GM John Laurinaitis told Cena that he should be thanking him for "motivating" the Cenation leader to perform to his maximum potential. Irked by Laurinaitis' show of ego, Cena then fired back by hurling a slew of insults at the GM. (PHOTOS | VIDEO)

As Laurinaitis was about to reveal Cena's opponent for WWE Over the Limit, Lord Tensai's music hit and Cena soon found himself surrounded by both the Japanese warrior and his associate, Sakamoto.

Suddenly, Laurinaitis ambushed Cena from behind and whacked him in the back of the head with the microphone. Both Sakamoto and Tensai followed with shots of their own on the Cenation leader as Laurinaitis shocked the WWE Universe by revealing that he will be the man who faces Cena at WWE Over the Limit. (MATCH PREVIEW)

While Tensai held Cena's injured arm across the ring steps, Laurinaitis stomped on it and slammed a steel chair on the exposed limb. Finally, Laurinaitis mocked Cena with his "You can't see me" signature hand gesture in the center of the ring as the Dayton, Ohio, crowd let loose with boos.

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