7 must-watch Beat the Clock Challenge times

The Beat the Clock Challenge is among the most grueling obstacles on a WWE Superstar's path to glory, both physically and mentally. The rules are simple: a series of matches are set, and whichever Superstar wins his contest the fastest, wins the Challenge. Typically, it is only used when deciding on some kind of prize, typically either a No. 1 contender's spot or a valued entry in a battle royal. 

The pressure is on the ring warriors who take on the Challenge to not only defeat their opponents, but to do so decisively and swiftly; planning is half the battle, and conditioning will handle the rest. Most recently, Daniel Bryan ushered himself into the Beat the Clock winners' circle when he made Jerry "The King" Lawler submit to the "Yes!" Lock and beat Randy Orton's earlier victory time of 4:16 (Orton himself beat a 4:18 mark set by The Miz) (PHOTOS). For his prize, the submission specailist received a WWE Title opportunity against CM Punk at Over the Limit (PREVIEW), but Bryan is hardly the first person to beat his opponent, the odds, and the clock all in one fell swoop. Here are some of the other memorable Beat the Clock victories in WWE history.