Raw SuperShow results: Edge confronted Cena, contract signed for Extreme Rules Match

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April 23, 2012

Brock Lesnar listed his demands in the Extreme Rules Match contract signing

Brock Lesnar came out for the Extreme Rules Match contract signing, but John Cena was nowhere to be found at first. Brock proceeded to give General Manager John Laurinaitis a list of changes he wants made to his contract, otherwise he would refuse to fight Cena at Extreme Rules. Saying he's not the "naïve farm boy" he used to be the first time around, Brock demanded to have oversight over Laurinaitis' future decisions, access to Mr. McMahon's private jet, the preference to show up on Raw SuperShow only when he wants, no fines of any kind for his actions, and finally, if he wins on Sunday, Raw has to be named to "Monday Night Raw: Starring Brock Lesnar." (PHOTOS | VIDEO)

After Laurinaitis agreed to Brock's demands, Cena walked out to the ring with his Thuganomics-era lock and chain around his neck and had a heated staredown with his Extreme Rules Match opponent. Following some verbal barbs from Lesnar, the Cenation leader signed the contract and didn't say a word, never taking his eyes off Brock as the show came to a close.


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