Six opponents you want to see Lord Tensai face

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April 12, 2012


Height: 6'3"
Weight: 291 lbs.

In his SmackDown debut April 6, Ryback unleashed a show of brute force on an unlucky local opponent. Less than a week later, he did the same during a special live Tuesday edition of SuperSmackDown with a slew of WWE Legends watching. Given what he has shown so far, this powerhouse could indeed present a formidable challenge for the undefeated Lord Tensai.

@PeeAyeTee_: give lord tensai ryback

@widowwhisper: jenjen0413 :) I would like to see Lord Tensai face Ryback from Smackdown. Thoughts??
@coltonstewart5: @WWE_Lord_Tensai hey  i want see you take on ryback

NOTE: Lord Tensai is NOT on Twitter. However, his handler Mr. Sakamoto is @WWEMrSAKAMOTO. If you speak Japanese, you might be able to learn more about his plans for Lord Tensai.