WWE Raw SuperShow results: John Cena and The Rock wage musical warfare

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March 12, 2012

The Rock scorched John Cena in his rock concert

The Cleveland faithful gave The Rock a rousing ovation before he even grabbed the mic and his guitar, and The Great One returned the love, saying they should be chanting "Cleveland! Cleveland!" instead of "Rocky! Rocky!" (PHOTOS)

The Rock then poked fun at Cena's hip-hop style, saying he looked like a mash-up between Vanilla Ice and one of the Teletubbies. The Brahma Bull, who was just getting warmed up, started to berate Cena with a barrage of insults to the tune of Elvis Presley's Jailhouse Rock. No topics were off limits for The Rock, as he took jabs at The Cenation Commander-in-Chief's rocky relationship with Eve before moving on to blasting the appearance of the members of Cenation. The Rock didn't stop there, taking aim at Cena's own mother by claiming she "could barely walk."

In a fitting finale, The Great One took some parting shots at Cena as the crowd joined in with "Cena sucks!" between verses.

Did The Most Electrifying Man in Entertainment outperform The Cenation Commander-in-Chief in a musical clash of rock versus rap? Click here to vote now in our Facebook poll and tell us who put on the better show.


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