WWE Raw SuperShow results: HBK to referee at WrestleMania

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March 05, 2012

Kane def. R-Truth

R-Truth, one of the six Superstars laid out by Kane’s ambush last Monday, used his speed and agility to build a furious, but fleeting, onslaught early on. Before long, Kane’s power took over, and The Big Red Monster bullied Truth around the ring. Truth mounted a slight comeback, but after missing a scissor-kick, he fell victim to a chokeslam. (PHOTOS | WATCH)

As Kane stood victorious, Randy Orton – who The Big Red Machine rudely welcomed back to SmackDown last Friday night – approached the ring. With Truth holding onto his leg, Kane was sitting prey for The Viper, who nailed an RKO and told Kane, “It’s good to be back.”

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