Day After Raw: Your Tweets for March 6, 2012

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March 06, 2012

Your Boston tour guide, The Rock

Aren't you glad you cancelled your duck tour of Boston? Who wouldn't enjoy The Rock bringing is own brand of informative lessons about Boston history? Somebody call the EPA, there's an influx of hot garbage in the Boston Harbor, right near West Newbury, Mass ... that is, according to The Rock. 

@BRAVO_229 Forget history lessons, we want a #RockConcert! @WWE #Raw

@PosseOfDiBiase Rock's just mad John has more merch then him. #Raw

@PaulGriffin A Rock Boston Party? Did he bring Pitbull? @WWE #RAW

@TehBreezy1 Midget shorts, lol. @WWE #RAW

@TooillyChieRich BAZINGA!!!!!!! #RAW

@TehBreezy1 Midget shorts, lol. @WWE #RAW

@KingBeanie Wow, I just got a history lesson by The Rock. #WWE #RAW

@MrsZigglesworth But but.. it's a patriotic city, Rocky. #RAW

@bradcandoit The Rock knows way more about Paul Revere than Sarah Palin.#RAW

@SamuraiTX90 Only @TheRock is as funny even if its the most random thing ever oh god what a song! #Raw

@DavidDouglas88 I wish @TheRock would have been my history teacher #Raw

@TheRemotePatrol Best version of Yankee Doodle. EVER. #RAW

@mamalove81 C'mon Dwayne, a time machine? Really? Reeeally? @TheRock@WWE #Raw

@KasonM These @TheRock history lessons are classic Rock #RAW

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