Kurt Angle def. Randy Orton

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June 11, 2006

Back in April, Kurt Angle made Randy Orton tap out to the Ankle Lock on SmackDown, breaking his ankle in the process. The Olympic Gold Medalist made it two in a row over the Legend Killer at ECW One Night Stand, making Orton tap to win his first singles match as an ECW wrestler.

Sporting a mouthpiece that bore the ECW logo, an intense Angle went for the quick kill. Knowing that Orton's broken ankle might not be fully healed, the Wrestling Machine tried to apply the Ankle Lock early and often. However, Orton was able to counter his early attempts much to the dismay of the capacity crowd; as Orton stood outside the ring after one escape, the crowd began a derogatory chant for him, showing Orton exactly how hostile an environment he was in.

Angle continued his mat-based attack, but the Legend Killer was able to turn the tide. With the crowd firmly behind him, however, Angle nailed a German suplex and went for the Angle Slam. Orton escaped once, but would fall victim to the move later in the match.

With the crowd chanting "break his ankle," Angle slapped on the Ankle Lock once again. Orton escaped and went for his signature RKO, but the Wrestling Machine blocked it by simply dropping the RAW Superstar to his back. The Olympic Gold Medalist then slapped on the Ankle Lock once more, dropping down into a heel hook for extra added measure. The Legend Killer had no choice but to tap out, giving Angle his first ECW victory.

After the match, Orton needed to be helped to the back, telling referee Mike Posey "my ankle is messed up man!" As he was assisted to the locker room, the raucous crowd serenaded him with one more derogatory chant for the road.

In the locker room, an emotional Angle said that he relished his first chance to wrestle in front of an ECW crowd. "It was more than I expected; the ECW crowd is a 'prove me wrong' kind of crowd," the Wrestling Machine said. "They expect a lot out of you, and they're more appreciative of the business than any other fans that I've found. I'd rather perform in front of 2500 fans at the Hammerstein Ballroom than 25,000 at Madison Square Garden because these fans are so passionate. They made me feel like I owned them."

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