Edge, Mick Foley & Lita def. Terry Funk, Tommy Dreamer & Beulah

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June 11, 2006

What started as a Hardcore tag team war ended up becoming a six-person slugfest; in the end, the extra addition that made the challenge ended up being the loser of the match as Edge, Mick Foley & Lita defeated Terry Funk, Tommy Dreamer & Beulah McGillicutty.

Before the match began, the WWE trio once again ran down ECW and its fans, with the Rated-R Superstar calling them all pathetic. Lita then said that when she pinned Dreamer on Wednesday night, it was better for him than it was for her.

The ECW team came out accompanied by Beulah, and the extreme knockout had some words of her own for Lita: "I know you like threesomes, so let's just make this official. Three on three, time to put up or shut up!"

With that, the match was on, and it was as brutal and bloody as the fans in the Hammerstein Ballroom expected. Edge & Foley tried to keep it clean, but once Dreamer & Funk went under the ring for a barbed-wire board the hell was unleashed.

Beulah and Lita stayed out of the match for the most part as the four men threw just about anything they could find at one another. Funk became a bloody mess courtesy of some barbed wire; bleeding profusely, he had to be helped to the back towards the end after Foley raked the barbed wire right across his eyes.

With Funk out of the picture, it looked like Dreamer was easy prey. The WWE team nailed a Mandible Claw/spear combo, but before the pinfall, Funk returned with a bandaged head and a barbed wire board.

Eventually, the board was lit on fire and used on both Edge & Foley, with one shot sending a burning Hardcore Legend crashing through a barbed wire board on the floor. Funk soon joined him, and as Beulah and Lita finally got into the anticipated catfight, Dreamer grabbed Lita and nailed her with a Spicolli Driver.

When he turned to celebrate, however, Edge snuck up behind him, and after wrapping barbed wire around Dreamer's head, the Rated-R Superstar dropped him straight down on his head. Dreamer was ripe for the picking, but what Edge did next truly showed what kind of "hardcore man" he really is.

As Beulah checked on Dreamer, Edge prepared his attack. When she stood, Edge ran and nailed her with a vicious spear, driving her head into the mat. The Rated-R Superstar then grabbed the lifeless Beulah's legs and rolled her up, pinning the extreme Diva for the winning fall.

Following the match, the bloodied and battered Funk had to be cut out of the barbed wire board; he would later need five stitches to close his wounds.

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Exclusive Videos (Caution: contains graphic footage):
Funk receives medical attention during his match
Terry Funk after his match

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